Announcing a global partnership with Meteocontrol

13 September 2019

Solcast and Meteocontrol Announce Global Partnership

Starting this month, Solcast and Meteocontrol have begun a global partnership. In this partnership, Meteocontrol will access Solcast's estimated actuals of solar radiation at thousands of sites around the world, to support their photovoltaic plant monitoring products.

“We are delighted to be working with Meteocontrol, which like Solcast is led by its co-founders and has a strong history of innovation" Solcast CEO James Luffman says. "Many monitoring companies find it challenging to move from hardware to smart analytics, but for Meteocontrol it’s in their DNA.”

Meteocontrol is a German based company which specialises in developing and providing monitoring systems and plant controllers for solar energy systems. From planning and commissioning, to technical due diligence and through to energy and weather data analytics they have become known for their precise and professional monitoring of PV systems.

Solcast Data Supports Meteocontrol Across Nearly 50,000 Sites

Our CEO James notes, “Solcast’s API was designed for applications with large scale and global spread, which makes it a good fit for Meteocontrol’s fast-growing fleet of 50,000 systems spread around the world.”

At Solcast we're proud of the scalability, reliability and interoperability of our API based product suite. Increasingly, as this partnership demonstrates, Solcast is seen as a leading global solar irradiance data provider, with over 3,000 users across all continents except Antartica.

Access to Global Solar Radiation Data is Just a Few Clicks Away

While Meteocontrol access our API to retrieve solar radiation data across 50,000 sites all around the globe, it's hard to believe you yourself are only a few clicks away from accessing this same level of information. Just last month, we announced pricing for our latitude & longitude solar data API for both estimated actuals and forecasts data. So whether your application needs solar data for one location, ten, ten thousand, or tens of thousands - we've got you covered.

Check it out by signing up for our API Toolkit, and you'll be accessing your own solar forecasting or estimated actuals data in minutes!

Dr. Nick Engerer

Dr. Nick Engerer

Solcast Co-founder • Author

Nick is an expert in the field of solar radiation and distributed solar PV modelling, and has co-founded Solcast out of a sincere desire to enable others to build the solar-powered future.

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