Using Solcast data in HomerPro

Importing Solcast data into HomerPro is easy, taking just a few minutes.

To import Solcast data into HomerPro, the data must be transformed into a txt file. Data for each parameter must be imported separately. This manual will use GHI as an example, but the process is the same for DNI, Temperature and Wind Speed.


  1. Download your data in the ‘Solcast’ format. Solcast TMY file select.PNG

  2. Using your preferred spreadsheet software, transform the GHI units from W/m2 to kW/m2. Copy and paste the new data column into a blank notebook file, and save the tile with the ‘.txt’ extension.
    homer TMY2.2-f20509.PNG

  3. Navigate to ‘Solar GHI’ under the ‘Resource’ tab. Select ‘Import from a time series file’ and click the ‘Import’ button. Homer TMY 3.PNG

  4. Select the ‘.txt’ file created. Homer TMY 4.PNG

Monthly Averages

  1. Download your monthly average data.

  2. Using your preferred spreadsheet software, copy the ‘GhiDaily’ column. homer monthly 1.PNG

  3. Navigate to ‘Solar GHI’ under the ‘Resource’ tab. Select ‘Enter monthly averages’ and click on the first cell under ‘Daily Radiation’. homer monthly 2.PNG

  4. Paste the data into the first cell. homer monthly 3.PNG

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