Solar Forecasting & Solar Irradiance Data

Solcast provides actual and forecast solar irradiance and power data, globally, using satellites and surface measurements

url: https://solcast.com/


Solcast provides actual and forecast solar irradiance and power data, globally, using satellite and surface measurements.

url: https://solcast.com/research/

API Toolkit

solar-data-api > api
Solcast API delivers solar radiation and PV power data

Solcat API's ‘Live’ estimated actuals and Rapid Update Forecasts are available in satellite coverage areas across the globe (except Antarctica).

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/api/

solar-data-api > api-toolkit
Solcast API delivers solar radiation and PV power data

Solcat API's ‘Live’ estimated actuals and Rapid Update Forecasts are available in satellite coverage areas across the globe (except Antarctica).

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/api-toolkit/


solar-data-api > solar-forecasting-accuracy-transparency
Focusing on solar forecasting accuracy for the future

Working to make the accuracy of our solar power forecasting highly visible. We are now storing our 1-hour ahead forecasts for everywhere in the world.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/solar-forecasting-accuracy-transparency/

utility-scale > the-important-role-of-solar-forecasting-in-australia
Solar forecasting is critical to Australia’s energy future

In this blog post, we illustrate the importance of solar forecasting for solar farms and rooftop solar power outputs, particularly when the grid is under stress.

url: https://solcast.com/utility-scale/the-important-role-of-solar-forecasting-in-australia/

rooftop-solar > solar-forecasting-for-energy-storage-and-electricity-networks
Harnessing solar forecasting for energy storage

The solar intermittency solution is network orchestration via coordination with storage, smart inverters and demand management.

url: https://solcast.com/rooftop-solar/solar-forecasting-for-energy-storage-and-electricity-networks/

solar-data-api > seeing-solar-intermittency-as-opportunity
Today's Solar Intermittency is Tomorrow’s Opportunity

The sun doesn't always shine, the wind doesn't always blow. These are the biggest "problems" with renewable energy.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/seeing-solar-intermittency-as-opportunity/

Very low solar PV power outputs across South Australia

Very low solar PV power outputs across South Australia highlights the importance of having quality solar forecasting data for rooftop solar sites.

url: https://solcast.com/low-rooftop-solar-pv-power-outputs-in-south-australia/

grid-aggregations > forecasting-collective-solar-pv-ramping-events
The benefits of Collective Solar Ramping Events

Collective solar PV ramping events are periods of time where the power output of all of the solar PV systems in a given region changes due to cloud cover.

url: https://solcast.com/grid-aggregations/forecasting-collective-solar-pv-ramping-events/

grid-aggregations > behind-the-meter-solar-pv-forecasting-in-west-australia
Behind the meter Solar SA

Behind the meter solar PV power forecasting is an essential tool for grid operators, especially with rooftop PV installations in Western Australia surging.

url: https://solcast.com/grid-aggregations/behind-the-meter-solar-pv-forecasting-in-west-australia/

solar-data-api > solar-energy-is-an-exponential-technology
Solar Energy, an exponential technology

Solar energy is an exponential technology: its price performance is falling on an exponential curve and its growth globally is growing upwards in the same fashion.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/solar-energy-is-an-exponential-technology/

grid-aggregations > forecasting-complicated-cloud-cover-conditions
Solar Forecasting under complicated cloud cover conditions

Cloud Cover Solar Forecasting, with multi-layered cloud decks and fast evolving synoptic weather conditions, is complicated. Solcast maintains a global analysis of our 1-hour ahead forecasts.

url: https://solcast.com/grid-aggregations/forecasting-complicated-cloud-cover-conditions/

solar-data-api > high-penetration-renewables-the-weather-is-our-fuel
High Penetration Solar and its importance to the industry

How the wind & solar resource will change over the course of a given day is important to appropriately manage the balance of supply and demand

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/high-penetration-renewables-the-weather-is-our-fuel/

grid-aggregations > high-resolution-solar-forecasting-for-south-australia-power-networks
Solar Forecasting South Australia: on the forefront

Solar Forecasting in South Australia: On the Forefront of the Transition to High Penetration Solar, from market level to distribution networks.

url: https://solcast.com/grid-aggregations/high-resolution-solar-forecasting-for-south-australia-power-networks/

grid-aggregations > solar-forecasting-webinar-with-western-power-and-australian-national-university
Solar Forecasting Webinar reviewing solar related challenges

A webinar reviewing the rooftop solar related challenges in West Australia, which you will know are pressing if you’ve watched the news in recent weeks.

url: https://solcast.com/grid-aggregations/solar-forecasting-webinar-with-western-power-and-australian-national-university/

rooftop-solar > publication-of-a-research-grade-solar-pv-power-dataset
Publication of Research Grade Solar PV Power Datasets

A free high quality dataset of PV system power measurements from 1,287 residential installations across Australia

url: https://solcast.com/rooftop-solar/publication-of-a-research-grade-solar-pv-power-dataset/

solar-data-api > global-solar-irradiance-forecasts-and-historical-datasets
Historical and forecast solar irradiance data

Thanks to nearly a thousand users across five continents, can now provide historical and forecast solar irradiance data, updating every 5-15 minutes.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/global-solar-irradiance-forecasts-and-historical-datasets/

grid-aggregations > grid-aggregations-for-behind-the-meter-solar-forecasting
Behind The Meter Solar Forecasting

Offering visibility on 'behind the meter' solar forecasting with Grid Aggregations product, designed for estimating the aggregate power output from a fleet of PV systems.

url: https://solcast.com/grid-aggregations/grid-aggregations-for-behind-the-meter-solar-forecasting/

utility-scale > solar-power-forecasting-for-utility-scale-farms
The challenges of Utility Scale Farm Solar Forecasting

Successfully integrating utility scale farm solar forecasting into our electricity system means overcoming some challenges.

url: https://solcast.com/utility-scale/solar-power-forecasting-for-utility-scale-farms/

solar-data-api > a-solar-irradiance-data-api-built-with-users-in-mind
User Friendly Solar Irradiance Data - in less than 5 minutes

The user friendly solar irradiance data means instant access our global solar forecasting (0-7 days) and estimated actuals dataset (last 7 days).

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/a-solar-irradiance-data-api-built-with-users-in-mind/

rooftop-solar > rooftop-solar-forecasting-for-one-or-many-thousands-of-pv-sites
Scalable Solar Rooftop Forecasting - just one, or thousands

The most rapidly growing segment of the solar market globally is scalable solar rooftop forecasting on installations appearing on rooftops all around the world.

url: https://solcast.com/rooftop-solar/rooftop-solar-forecasting-for-one-or-many-thousands-of-pv-sites/

solar-data-api > free-solar-radiation-historical-and-forecasting-data-for-researchers
Free solar irradiation historical and forecasting data for researchers

At Solcast, our purposes is to enable hard working researchers everywhere with the free solar radiation data and tools they need to accomplish their solar mission.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/free-solar-radiation-historical-and-forecasting-data-for-researchers/

solar-data-api > solar-irradiance-data-everywhere-you-need-it
Accurate solar irradiance and weather data with global coverage

Using five weather satellites, we operate a rapid-updating solar radiation database covering most of the world providing accurate solar irradiance data.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/solar-irradiance-data-everywhere-you-need-it/

rooftop-solar > free-pv-system-performance-estimation-tool
Is my rooftop solar PV system working correctly?

All around the world, solar owners are wondering the same thing: Are my solar panels performing as expected?

url: https://solcast.com/rooftop-solar/free-pv-system-performance-estimation-tool/

solar-data-api > much-better-solar-irradiance-data-than-dark-sky
Solcast solar and cloud forecasting is "much better than Dark Sky"

Our CEO makes it clear - the Solcast API is far superior to Dark Sky when it comes to solar radiation and cloud cover forecasting.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/much-better-solar-irradiance-data-than-dark-sky/

utility-scale > short-term-solar-forecasting-core-business-or-distraction
Short-term solar forecasting for utility solar sites: core business or distraction?

Solcast are providing solar farm operators with new options for making solar forecasting less of a distraction from their core business

url: https://solcast.com/utility-scale/short-term-solar-forecasting-core-business-or-distraction/

utility-scale > modern-solar-power-forecasting-solutions-india
Choosing Modern Short-Term Solar Power Forecasting Solutions In India

India has shown great leadership with its aggressive solar installation targets. It should also choose modern solar power forecasting technologies.

url: https://solcast.com/utility-scale/modern-solar-power-forecasting-solutions-india/

utility-scale > self-forecasting-for-australian-solar-farms
Self Forecasting for Australian Solar Farms

Eight of Australia’s large-scale solar farms will partner with global solar forecasting company Solcast to utilise the latest in predictive technologies.

url: https://solcast.com/utility-scale/self-forecasting-for-australian-solar-farms/

solar-data-api > api-toolkit-launch-makes-accessing-solar-data-easier-than-ever
API Toolkit Launch Makes Accessing Solar Data Easier Than Ever

Starting in April 2019, all registered Solcast users will arrive into our new API Toolkit on login/registration. There, you'll find a set of live demonstration sites for the data product categories relevant to your experience, and be able to create new sites, access recent, live and forecast data, or download historical data at the site of your choosing.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/api-toolkit-launch-makes-accessing-solar-data-easier-than-ever/

The limitations of numerical weather models for solar irradiance forecasting

To generate the world's best solar irradiance forecasts, Solcast runs its own rapid update forecasting service, re-computing our forecast models every 10 or 15 minutes based on the real cloud cover conditions. We detect these from raw satellite data using our own algorithms, and then focus on the details of the cloud situation. By using the latest imagery, we avoid as many big assumptions as we can, learning from the wealth of high resolution satellite data and solar irradiance ground measurements.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-irradiance-forecasting-weather-models/

grid-aggregations > behind-the-meter-solar-power-forecasting-and-pv-fleet-visibility
Behind the meter solar power forecasting and PV fleet visibility

As soon as penetrations of behind the meter solar PV sites reach 1-2% of total load, forecasting the power output of these PV systems starts to become critical for efficient market and network operation. Without including a behind the meter solar forecast into the overall load forecasting operations, errors in the daily load forecast start to appear. Thankfully, Solcast's Grid Aggregations are easy to set-up, are highly accurate, and can help solve this challenging problem!

url: https://solcast.com/grid-aggregations/behind-the-meter-solar-power-forecasting-and-pv-fleet-visibility/

solar-forecasting > how-solar-power-forecasting-works-introduction-basics-FAQ-with-video
Solar Power Forecasting: what it is and how to do it

Solar power forecasting is at its core a weather forecasting problem. It starts with modeling of the Sun's position with respect to a given location at the Earth's surface, before then modeling the transmittance of solar radiation through the Earth's atmosphere.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-forecasting/how-solar-power-forecasting-works-introduction-basics-FAQ-with-video/

solar-forecasting > solar-power-forecasting-for-energy-markets
Solar Power Forecasting for Energy Markets

Why are solar power forecasting technologies important for energy markets? Our CTO dives into this question.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-forecasting/solar-power-forecasting-for-energy-markets/

solar-forecasting > solar-power-forecasting-electricity-networks-distribution-transmission
Solar forecasting for electricity networks

Through creation of customised Solcast Grid Aggregations for the behind the meter solar installed downstream of a particular zone substation, this distribution network was finally able to correct the apparent (net) demand profiles for the impacts of cloud cover.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-forecasting/solar-power-forecasting-electricity-networks-distribution-transmission/

solar-gis > what-is-solar-GIS-data-how-to-use-it
Solar GIS Data for the Solar Powered Future

Solar GIS data includes both a given location (latitude and longitude), plus time-series information (attribute) about the historical, live or forecast solar irradiance and weather at that location.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-gis/what-is-solar-GIS-data-how-to-use-it/

utility-scale > solar-data-api > super-rapid-solar-farm-forecasts
Introducing Super-Rapid Update Forecasting for Solar Farms

Solar power forecasts and solar radiation forecasts using sky cameras

url: https://solcast.com/utility-scale/solar-data-api/super-rapid-solar-farm-forecasts/

solar-data-api > how-solcast-creates-solar-irradiance-data-from-satellite-imagery
How Solcast creates solar irradiance data from satellite imagery

Solcast provides actual and forecast solar irradiance and power data, globally, using satellite and surface measurements.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/how-solcast-creates-solar-irradiance-data-from-satellite-imagery/

solar-data-api > free-historical-solar-irradiance-data-credit-applied-to-all-solcast-api-accounts
Free historical solar irradiance data credit applied to all Solcast API accounts

We've just launched our best promotional offer yet, and topped up all Solcast API accounts with $250 of historical data credits

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/free-historical-solar-irradiance-data-credit-applied-to-all-solcast-api-accounts/

solar-data-api > pricing-for-our-global-solar-api-announced-live-and-forecast-irradiance-and-pv-power-data
Pricing for our global solar API announced! Live and forecast irradiance and PV power data by location

Announcing an introductory pricing model for the Simple Solar Radiation and Simple PV Power API data products that is simple, flexible, and suitable for pay-as-you-go applications.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/pricing-for-our-global-solar-api-announced-live-and-forecast-irradiance-and-pv-power-data/

solar-radiation-data > asia-utility-week-solar-irradiance-data-nowcasting-technology
Asia Utility Week - Solar Irradiance Data Nowcasting Technology

Solcast recently presented two high profile talks at the Asia Utility Week event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This included a 5-minute 'pitch', which you can watch in the included material.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-radiation-data/asia-utility-week-solar-irradiance-data-nowcasting-technology/

solar-radiation-data > global-partnership-meteocontrol-solar-radiation-estimated-actuals
Announcing a global partnership with Meteocontrol

Starting this month, Solcast and Meteocontrol have begun a global partnership, including data for nearly 50,000 locations around the world. That's the power of the Solcast API!

url: https://solcast.com/solar-radiation-data/global-partnership-meteocontrol-solar-radiation-estimated-actuals/

utility-scale > solar-power-forecasting-and-wind-energy-forecasting-vietnam
Solcast becomes the commercial solar and wind forecasting provider to EVN Vietnam

We are delighted to announce that EVN Vietnam has recently signed up as a Solcast customer for both our solar power forecasting and wind energy forecasting solutions

url: https://solcast.com/utility-scale/solar-power-forecasting-and-wind-energy-forecasting-vietnam/

historical-and-tmy > Historical-and-TMY-data-solar-data-API-Toolkit
Historical and TMY data in the API Toolkit: the next step in the Solcast mission

Solcast took a close look at the way solar farm financiers, developers and due diligence firms were accessing the historical and TMY solar data services they needed. Our conclusion? The whole process was overdue for overhaul!

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/Historical-and-TMY-data-solar-data-API-Toolkit/

utility-scale > short-term-solar-forecasting-with-sky-imager-cloud-camera-cloudcam
Solcast partnership with BloomSky deploying sky-imagers

Solcast has partnered with BloomSky on our Super Rapid Update solar power forecasting products. Get a sky-imager installed on your solar farm site with affordable and fast installation.

url: https://solcast.com/utility-scale/short-term-solar-forecasting-with-sky-imager-cloud-camera-cloudcam/

historical-and-tmy > TMY-solar-GIS-data-for-project-due-diligence
A Review of the Historical and TMY data now on offer through the Solcast API Toolkit

In this post, Solcast dives into its historical and TMY data offering. This includes a brief review of methods plus the basics on historical time-series data, typical meteorological year data and monthly averages data.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/TMY-solar-GIS-data-for-project-due-diligence/

solar-forecasting > solar-power-forecasting-vehicle-solar-car-world-challenge
Solar forecasting for solar cars - Eclipse X

Learn about how the Eclipse X solar car team uses solar forecasting in its race strategy!

url: https://solcast.com/solar-forecasting/solar-power-forecasting-vehicle-solar-car-world-challenge/

historical-and-tmy > download-tmy-timeseries-solar-gis-data-for-solar-PV-plant-modelling
How to download and test Solcast TMY and timeseries data in just minutes for FREE

Now that you have your FREE Solcast data credits - we suggest you download your own sample TMY or historical time-series file. This only takes a matter of minutes to achieve through the Solcast API Toolkit, and in this post, we're going to show you how!

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/download-tmy-timeseries-solar-gis-data-for-solar-PV-plant-modelling/

historical-and-tmy > historical-tmy-timeseries-solar-gis-data-pay-as-you-go
Price Flexibility at the Gym and Your Next Solar Project

What do going to the gym and purchasing historical solar radiation data online have in common? Price (in)flexibility! Solcast allows you to stop paying more than you have to under expensive subscription models with forced extras.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/historical-tmy-timeseries-solar-gis-data-pay-as-you-go/

historical-and-tmy > historical-tmy-for-pvsyst-lower-uncertainty-meteo-data
Lowering uncertainty is fundamental to managing solar investment risk

The principal input to the rate of return calculation for a solar farm asset is the expected revenue generation from the solar farm. This highlights the importance of high quality solar irradiance data: revenue generation is primarily influenced by the availability of solar irradiance at that location over time.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/historical-tmy-for-pvsyst-lower-uncertainty-meteo-data/

utility-scale > solar-forecasting-and-historical-weather-data-for-asset-management
Let Solcast take the pain out of PV generation forecasting at your solar farm asset

Owners and operators of solar farms already have one too many things to think about. Compliance items stack up by the thousands very quickly. Utilities providing their network connections can impose new requirements without warning. Manufacturers of key components can go bankrupt and leave you without an important spare part! Don't let setting up solar forecasting technology at your asset be another pain-point. Use the Solcast API Toolkit!

url: https://solcast.com/utility-scale/solar-forecasting-and-historical-weather-data-for-asset-management/


Using data and tools in our bid to building a solar future

We're dedicated to developing the data and tools needed to plan, construct, operate and manage solar power systems across the world.

url: https://solcast.com/about-us/

Historical and TMY

Validated historical solar irradiance and meteo data

Based on our proprietary satellite cloud and aerosol tracking. Solar irradiance and weather data extending back up to 12 years, with high accuracy and near zero bias.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/

historical-and-tmy > publications
Publications using Solcast data

The Solcast dataset is widely used in the scientific community. Solcast provides all researches access, for free, to the data they need. Presented here is the growing body of literature analysing or utilising Solcast data.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/publications/

historical-and-tmy > validation-and-accuracy
Bias and error validation of Solcast data against surface measurements

During early and mid-2019, extensive analysis was performed comparing Solcast data with publicly available surface measurements from around the world, across all climate types except polar climates. The results of the validation are presented here.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/validation-and-accuracy/

historical-and-tmy > solargis
Solargis Comparison

Solcast offers bankable TMY and time series data. Solcast has lower uncertainty that Solargis, and is cheaper and faster to access.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/solargis/

historical-and-tmy > vaisala-3tier
Vaisala 3TIER Comparison

The Vaisala/3Tier database shares many similarities with Solcast's and has been a trusted meteo source since its launch in 2009. We think the Vaisala database is solid, but the advantages of using Solcast become obvious upon a detailed comparison.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/vaisala-3tier/

historical-and-tmy > pvgis
PV-GIS Comparison

Solcast offers free and open access to solar radiation and PV power data for research purposes and for commercial use at low cost.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/pvgis/

historical-and-tmy > meteonorm
Meteonorm Comparison

Meteonorm has been around for over 30 years, and is used widely throughout the solar development community. The dataset is integrated into many PV simulation software. Meteonorm uses a fundamentally different way to model the solar resource, based on interpolated and synthetic data, instead of the satellite-derived, semi-empirical method used by Solcast.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/meteonorm/

historical-and-tmy > nrel-nsrdb
NSRDB Comparison

The US National Renewable Energy Agency (NREL) maintains the National Solar Radiation Database (NSRDB). The database is free-to-access, but has limited coverage and a higher uncertainty when compared with Solcast data.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/nrel-nsrdb/

historical-and-tmy > comparisons
Comparison of Solcast, Solargis, Meteonorm, Vaisala, and free TMY data sources

A comparison of Solcast against Solargis, Meteonorm, Vaisala, and free TMY data sources

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/comparisons/

historical-and-tmy > inputs-and-algorithms
How we estimate and use satellite, aerosol and weather sources to make our data

The Solcast methodology produces the lowest bias and lowest error statistics available, in validation studies performed to date, providing you with the most complete understanding of resource variability, and the most “bankable” data source. Our database lowers risk for developers, operators, and investors, ensuring decisions on the development or operation of high-value solar assets are made confidently.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/inputs-and-algorithms/

historical-and-tmy > data-samples
Data samples

Download Solcast data sample formats

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/data-samples/

historical-and-tmy > data-and-specifications
Solar resource and weather data in time series, typical meteorological year (TMY) and monthly averages

Evaluating the solar resource is a key input to any solar energy investment decision. Project developers, technical consultants, and asset managers require reliable data to make informed, high-value, low-risk decisions.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/data-and-specifications/

historical-and-tmy > software-integration
Using Solcast data in PVsyst, SAM, HomerPro, and other applications

All Solcast data comes ready to import into your preferred PV software.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/software-integration/

historical-and-tmy > pvsyst
Using Solcast data in PVsyst

Importing Solcast data into PVsyst is easy, taking just a few minutes. Follow this step-by-step guide.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/pvsyst/

historical-and-tmy > homerpro
Using Solcast data in HomerPro

Importing Solcast data into HomerPro is easy, taking just a few minutes. Follow this step-by-step guide.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/homerpro/

historical-and-tmy > sam
Using Solcast data in System Advisor Model (SAM)

Importing Solcast data into SAM is easy, taking just a few minutes. Follow this step-by-step guide.

url: https://solcast.com/historical-and-tmy/sam/

Landing Pages

Solar Forecasting

Solcast provides actual and forecast solar irradiance and power data, globally, using satellite and surface measurements.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-forecasting/

Solar Irradiance Data

Solcast provides actual and forecast solar irradiance and power data, globally, using satellite and surface measurements.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-irradiance-data/

Live and Forecast

wind-energy > power-forecasting
Wind power forecasting for wind farms, delivered via API

Highly accurate wind power forecasts with global coverage

url: https://solcast.com/wind-energy/power-forecasting/

Solar irradiance data and weather data with global coverage

Based on our proprietary cloud and aerosol tracking and forecasting. Solar irradiance data updated every 5-15 minutes, with forecasts extending 7 days ahead.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-radiation-data/

Solar power forecasts for rooftop sites via API

Rooftop Solar Forecasts, Solar power forecasting for rooftops - just one, or thousands.

url: https://solcast.com/rooftop-solar/

Utility Scale Solar Forecasts for solar farms & parks

Utility Scale Solar Forecasts, Solar power forecasting for your solar farms or solar parks, delivered via API.

url: https://solcast.com/utility-scale-solar/

Solar Grid Aggregations for markets and networks

Grid Aggregations, Thousands of PV systems grouped by your market regions or grid assets.

url: https://solcast.com/grid-aggregations/

Solar data solutions to build the solar powered future

Solar Data products built to help you complete your solar mission

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/

solar-radiation-data > inputs-and-algorithms
How we estimate and use satellite, aerosol and weather sources to make our data

The Solcast methodology produces the lowest bias and lowest error statistics available, in validation studies performed to date, providing you with the most complete understanding of resource variability, and the most “bankable” data source. Our database lowers risk for developers, operators, and investors, ensuring decisions on the development or operation of high-value solar assets are made confidently.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-radiation-data/inputs-and-algorithms/



Solcast provides actual and forecast solar irradiance and power data, globally, using satellite and surface measurements.

url: https://solcast.com/pricing/


solar-data-api > enterprise-solutions
Solar API solutions for enterprise partners

Managing your grid can often take more than just good data. That's why Solcast searched the planet to identify the best Enterprise Partners.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/enterprise-solutions/

solar-data-api > api > terms-and-conditions
Terms of Use

Solcast provides actual and forecast solar irradiance and power data, globally, using satellite and surface measurements.

url: https://solcast.com/solar-data-api/api/terms-and-conditions/


Solcast provides actual and forecast solar irradiance and power data, globally, using satellite and surface measurements.

url: https://solcast.com/frequently-asked-questions/