23 August 2019

Free historical solar irradiance data credit applied to all Solcast API accounts

We've just launched our best promotional offer yet, and topped up your API account with $250 of historical data credits

All Solcast API Users Receive $250 of Free Historical Solar Irradiance Data Credit (Solcast no longer gives credit - free pricing tier now available).

Hello Solcast API users! Great news! As a ‘thanks’ for being early adopters of the Solcast API service, we’ve just launched our best promotional offer yet, and topped up your API account with $250 of historical data credits. We hope this little gesture will help you complete your efforts to build the solar powered future.

Using this free historical data credit balance, Solcast API users are able to download historical solar radiation data for multiple years at multiple sites. Retrieving these data is a straightforward process of logging into the Solcast API Toolkit, making a historical data request.

Making a historical solar radiation data request

Once you’ve navigated to the API Toolkit page, click on the ‘historical’ tab at top, or ‘create a new request’ to get started.

solar radiation data download-c3911a.png

This will take you to our historical data request page where you will be prompted to specify the locations where you’d like to retrieve solar irradiance data for (here’s some helpful information on where that data comes from!).

You’ll need to know:

solar irradiance historical download page.png

Once you fill out this request, you’ll be taken to a ‘checkout’ page to confirm your order. Here, you’ll see how many of your free historical data credits you will need to spend in order to retrieve the solar irradiance data you’re after.

solar radiation API download checkout.png

Solar irradiance data requested, now what?

Once you’ve completed your request, you should be re-directed to the historical data request page. Here, you are able to view the status of any past or current downloads, including an ETA for the delivery of your data (which will update if you refresh the page). Once the data is ready, you can download it directly from this page. You’ll also receive an email with a link for downloading the data directly from your inbox.

solar radiation data request page.png

Solar irradiance data - on demand

One thing you’re likely to notice, is that it only takes a few minutes to receive the data you’ve requested. We’ve worked very hard to make this both an easy process and a very quick one, so that you can rapidly grab the data you need & get back to getting the job done! We hope you’ll take advantage of your $250 data credit to give this process a try - oh, and we’d love your feedback along the way.

Why not also check out our live and forecast solar radiation data?

It’s not just historical data on offer, Solcast API users can also access our forecast and live solar radiation data, by registering for our API Toolkit. It’s free to try and easy to get started - taking only a few minutes!

Blog Author

Dr. Nick Engerer

Dr. Nick Engerer

Nick is an expert in the field of solar radiation and distributed solar PV modelling, and has co-founded Solcast out of a sincere desire to enable others to build the solar-powered future.

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