Behind the meter solar - A complex challenge, simplified

Behind the meter solar - A complex challenge, simplified

Solcast’s Grid Aggregations provide a flexible approach to behind-the-meter solar power forecasts. Organise your data however you choose, with a customised live and forecast API.

It’s never been easier to take on the challenges of behind the meter solar. By providing basic PV installation information (capacity, location, region), Solcast can create a customised forecasting solution for your grid operations within just a few days - anywhere in the world.

Solcast provides behind the meter solar forecast to a wide array of clients - including grid operators, utilities and electricity retailers, and operates them amongst many of the highest solar penetrations in the world.

Our forecasting data are trusted by 40+ enterprise clients through a global network of high-profile partnerships, with 24/7 support, guaranteed uptimes and bespoke contracts.

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Behind the meter solar begins to diminish load forecasting model performance at as little as 1-2% of total capacity. Solcast Grid Aggregations provide PV fleet visibility and have a strong track record of reducing mean load forecast errors by 10-20% across a wide array of case studies.

Behind the meter solar forecasting technology… in the cloud

Our Grid Aggregations product offers rapid-update forecasting capability (new forecasts every 5-15 minutes) and global coverage. All made possible by using the latest in weather satellite imagery, machine learning, computer vision and big databases. With only some very basic PV installation data (PV system capacity, location, region), we connect your PV fleet with our cloud-based solar forecasting technology and provide real-time visibility via API, including:

  • Secure, encrypted data transmission
  • Proprietary cloud & aerosol detection (tracking smoke, dust, haze)
  • Probabilistic forecasting outputs (P50, P10, P90)
  • High-resolution solar irradiance data (1-2km)
  • Forecasts from 5 minutes through 7 days ahead
  • 5/10/15/30 minute forecast resolution
  • Delivered via REST API (download CSV, JSON or XML)

Solcast’s Grid Aggregations are fast, flexible and powered by the latest in state of the art forecasting technologies.

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Try out our Grid Aggregations product at no cost, by signing up for the Solcast API Toolkit.

By creating a free API Toolkit account, we’ll be able to arrange access to a Grid Aggregation demonstration and provide more information about how to begin testing your own behind-the-meter solar forecasts. No commitment required.