Unit commitment? Dispatch forecast? Coordinate with storage? Our Utility Scale API has everything you need.

Unit commitment? Dispatch forecast? Coordinate with storage? Our Utility Scale API has everything you need.

+5 minute through 7 day ahead forecasts, with real-time ‘live’ data looking back from real-time to up to three months history - get a customised solar power forecast for your utility scale solar farm in just a few clicks.

From the Australian Outback, to the US desert southwest and the hills of Vietnam, Solcast operates solar farm energy forecasting around the world.

Our forecasting data are utilised by more than 24,000+ unique users. We also feature a global network of high-profile partnerships to deliver 24/7 support and bespoke contracts.

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Setting up a utility scale solar energy forecasting solution can be a time-sink, but it doesn’t have to be. Hear from our CTO on how Solcast can take pain out of the equation!

Solcast’s Utility Scale data product covers nearly every forecasting use case, from short-term dispatch forecasts of only minutes ahead, through to day ahead and week ahead energy forecasts - all in one API! It takes only minutes to set-up an individualised forecast, with instant accuracy reporting built-into the product.

Creating a new Utility Scale site in the API Toolkit

Utility scale solar power forecasting technology… in the cloud

We built a new approach to solar forecasting technology from the ground up, using the latest in weather satellite imagery, machine learning, computer vision and big databases. We crunch more than 600 million new forecasts every hour and deliver them to tens of thousands of solar farms around the world - all through a cloud-based environment on AWS providing real-time data access via API.

  • Solar irradiance and weather data (GHI, DNI, Diffuse, + meteo parameters)
  • PV power forecasting, customised to your site via machine learning
  • Global coverage (all six major continents)
  • Rapid update (new forecasting data every 5-15 minutes)
  • Proprietary cloud & aerosol detection (tracking smoke, dust, haze)
  • Probabilistic forecasting data (P50, P10, P90)
  • High-resolution data (1-2km)
  • Forecasts from 5 minutes through 7 days ahead
  • Choose between 5/10/15/30 minute resolution
  • Delivered via REST API (download CSV, JSON or XML)

We’ve made it easy to engage with Utility Scale live and forecast data. Here’s how you can learn more, and get started by adding your own site.

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Set-up your free Utility Scale solar farm site, and make up to 10 API requests per day

Create a free API Toolkit account and access +5 minute to 7 day ahead power and irradiance forecasting data at your site. No commitment required! Just instant access to the latest high quality, high resolution predictions of solar irradiance and PV power data, wherever you need it.