How it works

Our mission is to enable you to build a solar future

Let’s build the solar future

Solcast provides global solar data services, delivered via API, under four data products. Our mission is to help build the solar future by providing customers with the best data in the most convenient way possible.

Solar data anywhere, via API

Solcast operates a global, third generation weather satellite cloud nowcasting system. This system detects and predicts cloud characteristics, tracks aerosols, and utilises numerical weather model data. Solcast models solar radiation and PV power output using proprietary algorithms, delivered to you via the SolcastAPI. Available data includes forecast, live, recent (the last few months) and historical (the last several years) data, anywhere in the world.

Solcast API for solar forecasting and solar radiation historical data The Solcast API in action. Retrieve the forecast, live, recent or historical solar data you need, on demand, wherever you need it. Includes instant validation against our 1-hour forecast.

How do we do this?

  • Solcast pulls data from five weather satellites and an ensemble of numerical weather models to provide global coverage
  • We rapidly update forecasts with each satellite scan every 10 to 15 minutes at high-resolution (1-2km)
  • Our PV tuning technology monitors the real-time and/or historical performance of your solar PV system to capture its individual behaviours (including shading or soiling losses)
  • Solcast provides 24/7 support with service level agreements through Enterprise Partners

What we help you do

Solcast’s unique level of coverage, scalability, ease of access and integration are helping a broad set of users achieve their solar mission. With the Solcast API service, you can:

Try the Solcast API now!

You can get started with the Solcast API in less than one minute. Sign-up for the API and instantly access global solar radiation forecasting and recent historical data. You can also model and forecast utility scale solar farms, create your own grid aggregations and generate forecasts for individual rooftop PV sites trial upon request.