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Solar resource assessment and forecasting data for irradiance and PV power. Created using a global fleet of weather satellites. Independently validated. Free to try. Access our data in just a few minutes with the Solcast API Toolkit.

Solar data services… in the cloud

We built a new approach to solar forecasting and modeling technology from the ground up, using the latest in weather satellite imagery, machine learning, computer vision and big databases. We crunch more than 600 million new forecasts every hour in a cloud-based environment on AWS and provide real-time access to our data via API. Use the API Toolkit to access nearly 20 years of historical data, including TMY files.

Historical and TMY Data

  • Low uncertainty, zero bias, bankable dataset
  • Independent validation & global coverage
  • High resolution data: Up to 5 minute / 90 metre resolution
  • PV modelling software integration (PVSyst, SAM, TMY3, CSV)
  • Solar irradiance (GHI, DNI, DHI)
  • Weather (Temp, Wind, Humidity, Snow, etc)
  • Includes aerosol impacts (tracking of smoke, dust, haze)

Live and Forecast Data

  • Solar irradiance data (GHI, DNI, Diffuse)
  • Weather (Temp, Wind, Humidity, Snow, etc)
  • PV power modelling (Rooftop or Utility Scale)
  • Fully-global coverage
  • Rapid update (new forecasting data every 5-15 minutes)
  • Proprietary cloud & aerosol detection (tracking smoke, dust, haze)
  • Probabilistic forecasting outputs
  • Real-time data through to 14 days ahead at 5, 10, 15, 30 & 60 minute resolution
  • Delivered via REST API (download CSV or JSON)
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