Data and tools to build the solar powered future

Solar resource assessment and forecasting data for irradiance and PV power, globally. Created using satellites. Validated with surface measurements.

Who is Solcast?

Solcast's Dr Nick Engerer pitches our company vision and capability in 5-minutes or less!

Who are our customers?

Solcast serves more than 3,000 customers with data for over 1,000,000 locations around the globe. Our data is trusted for due diligence, project finance, and the operation of electrical grids and networks in Europe, Asia, North America and more.

Selected customer profiles:


Headquarters:Paris, France
Core business:Global solar project development and operation

Meteocontrol GmbH

Headquarters:Augsburg, Germany
Core business:Global PV monitoring and analytics

Vietnam Electricity (EVN)

Headquarters:Hanoi, Vietnam
Core business:National system operator in Vietnam

Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)

Headquarters:Melbourne, Australia
Core business:National system operator in Australia