Wind Solar Radiation Data - Historical and TMY

Historical time-series solar irradiance and meteo data in popular formats, validated globally

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Solcast has been on a mission to advance the state of the art in cloud and radiation modelling.

Our team of meteorologists, data scientists and engineers started in 2015 by building the most sophisticated global real time irradiance service (the Solcast API), in concert with radiation modelling expert Dr Nick Engerer and his team of scientists from the Australian National University. After the API became operational, Solcast’s meteorologists and data scientists moved focus to the history of satellite and aerosol data globally - with the goal of applying their improved technology to produce the most accurate, lowest uncertainty historical irradiance estimates.

Using the highest resolution satellite and aerosols data, we detect our own clouds with industry-leading models. Our dataset reduces risk for developers, and lowers uncertainty in energy simulations by accurately modelling solar irradiance and weather data for 12+ years. Our solar data is available as Time Series, Typical Meteorological Year (TMY), and Monthly averages.

Building the solar future with industry leading technology

  • 3D cloud tracking & geometry
  • Aerosol tracking
  • Clear & cloudy sky calibration
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