Solcast’s API Toolkit

Making it quick and easy to access the live, forecast and historical, anywhere in the world.

What is the Solcast API Toolkit?

Solcast API Toolkit Our mission at Solcast is enabling the hard working folks of the solar industry to quickly and easily access the data and tools they need to get the job done.

In our efforts to enable your mission to be a success, we have covered the globe in historical, live and forecast solar irradiance and PV power data, and made it all available through the world’s most advanced solar data API.

But even an API with a world full of data behind it, didn’t go far enough for us in making it easy to find the exact data you need when and where you need it. So we built our API Toolkit to do just that - take as much pain and hassle out of acquiring the solar data services you need to take on your next challenge.

What does the Solcast API Toolkit do?

At its core, the API Toolkit is all about providing you with a simple starting point for accessing our live, forecast and historical data services. It is a web interface to our API services (Application Programming Interface), which will guide you through setting up your own forecasting site, accessing our worldwide datasets or downloading a given format of historical data.

Using the API Toolkit you’ll be able to spin up new forecasting sites within minutes. Need a Utility Scale solar forecast to send to your local utility? Set-up your own forecast in just a few minutes. Perhaps you are the utility, and you need behind-the-meter solar forecasts or estimated actuals data? You can use the API Toolkit ot set-up your own Grid Aggregation. Need solar radiation data for your own PV modelling tools? Download live, recent or historical data in various formats, ready for integration with your favourite modelling software.

Monitor Rapid Update Forecasts and Check our Accuracy

All of Solcast’s solar live and forecast data are ‘Rapid Update’, with new data flowing into our APIs with each new satellite scan (every 5-15 minutes). In the API Toolkit, you’ll be able to view real-time graphs of our live and forecast data at your test site(s), which will change with each Rapid Update. You can even use our built-in accuracy reporting tools to view an uncensored report of our recent forecast accuracy.


Integrate Solcast Data with your Operations

Solcast API Toolkit The API Toolkit, along with our helpful API documentation, will provide you with dynamic examples of the API GET requests need to retrieve our live and forecast data. Choose your location, forecast type, time resolution and download format, and watch the API GET request examples change dynamically. Simply user our ‘download’ buttons to see a sample data file of real live or forecast data for you location of interest in your selected format immediately become available evaluation.

Manage Your Subscription and Monitor Usage

API Usage Every new API Toolkit registration will award you free historical data requests, the ability to create one free Utility Scale site, and 10 free requests per day using the World API tool.

When it comes time to upgrade your account, you can use the API Toolkit to securely add your credit card information, and start your 30-day free trial of access to our Paid Tier offerings. You can add or remove forecast sites, purchase historical data or share access with your teammates. We also offer tools for monitoring your API usage, so you can keep track of how many API requests you have remaining in a given month, and add more requests as needed.

Access to Solcast’s API Toolkit is just a few clicks away

It’s our aim to make access to high quality solar radiation data easy and straightforward. Through your free registration to the API Toolkit (it takes only a few minutes), you’ll immediately be able to create your own forecast sites, explore our worldwide solar data using a helpful widget, watch the forecast graphs change in real-time and even check our recent forecast accuracy.

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