Live and Forecast Data

Irradiance and weather data for operating and analysing solar assets, grids and markets

Real clouds, real data. Designed specifically for solar energy applications.

Real time and forecast irradiance data and PV power data based on 3 dimensional cloud modelling. Powered by live satellite irradiance data, updating every 5 to 15 minutes. Ready to integrate via API.

Observed estimated actual cloud opacity and ensemble forecast

Cloud and irradiance tracking

Tracking the world's clouds in the finest detail

Designed for Solar, from the ground up. Never rely on generic weather model data again. Solcast's real-time and forecast solar data tracks and forecasts real clouds at a resolution of 1-2km and 5 minutes. Our irradiance data and PV power data is updated every 5 to 15 minutes. Aerosol and albedo effects are explicitly treated.

Data specifications

Data that actually meets your requirements

Data spanning from 7 days ago to +14 days ahead, at 5 to 60 minute granularity, anywhere on Earth, providing solar irradiance data by location. Includes probabilistic forecast estimates of PV power and all types of irradiance. Actuals available in real-time. Historical data also available.


Proven, replicable accuracy levels

Our forecast accuracy beats global weather models by 25% (day-ahead) to 50% (hour-ahead). Hundreds of data scientists and engineers have confirmed our accuracy, and we're willing to guarantee it. Review our accuracy verification, or contact our team to access real past forecasts for your actual sites.

PV power data

Simulate and forecast your production directly in our system

Create your own live and forecast simulated PV power data in minutes, by specifying details of your sites in a UI or programmatically. Or, have our team configure your sites using your historical production data. Separate models are used for roof VS ground mounted systems. All simulations and forecasts are powered by our industry-leading irradiance and weather data.

Data access

Access via API or web browser download

Ready to integrate solar API directly into your systems via json or csv. Relied upon by power system operators on four continents. API uptime of >99.99%, with very low latency. Bulk API requests available. SLAs available.

Live and Forecast Data Products

Live and Forecast API
The complete suite of irradiance and weather data required for effective monitoring, operation, and forecasting for rooftops and large-scale solar farms.
Grid Aggregations
Estimating the aggregate power for hundreds of thousands of PV sites in a single value to improve load forecasting, manage your VPP, or beat the market.