Historical and TMY Data


Solcast advances the state of the art in cloud and radiation modelling

Modelling global cloud cover on a 2km scale using Solcast's industry leading radiation model.

High resolution and low uncertainty historical Time Series and TMY data for energy simulations and bankable solar resource assessments. Ready to integrate via API.

Cloud Cover

Detailed global satellite observations that capture cloud cover with precision

We model local cloud cover using 1-2km grid, downscaled to 90 metre resolution to model aerosols, irradiance and terrain effects for a more precise and accurate global snapshot of historic solar irradiance.


Dataset supported by independent global validation

The data has low uncertainty and a quantified error range, making the data suitable for resource assessment, yield analysis, financial modelling, and any application requiring precision irradiance data.

Data Access

Access via API or Solcast web Toolkit

Ready to integrate solar API directly into your systems via json or csv. API uptime of 99.9% with very low latency.

Bulk extract data using the Solcast API Toolkit.


Direct integration with major PV simulation software

Full suite of weather data from leading reanalysis datasets completes the collection of 20+ parameters available.

Data coverage from 2007 to 7 days ago, from hourly to 5 minute resolution.

Data available in formats ready to import into PVsyst, SAM, PV*Sol, PlantPredict, Helioscope, + more.