Solcast API

The Solcast API delivers radiation and PV output forecast data for anywhere on the planet, at 30-minute granularity and extending out to a week ahead. Estimated actuals and rapid forecast updates are available over satellite coverage areas - including all continents except Antartica.

We offer immediate access to two types of data via this API:

  • A Radiation request, which returns detailed solar radiation data for the next week (and the past week of estimated actuals over satellite coverage areas), based only on your specified latitude and longitude
  • A simple PV power request, which returns a first-guess PV power output forecast for the next week (and the past week of estimated actuals over satellite coverage areas), based on your specified latitude and longitude – plus some basic characteristics of your PV system(s) including at least its total capacity.

Contact us for access to other data products via this API, including:

  • Tuned PV power output forecasts, based on your recent and/or real-time measured PV output data and application of our PV models and machine learning.
  • Aggregate asset, region or state PV power output forecast.
  • Utility scale PV forecasts and modelling.

The public API is currently in Beta. Note: the beta period for the Solcast API will be ending shortly, and we will be launching a Version 1.0 of the API with a suite of new and improved features. These improvements will include a range of PV and grid modelling applications, and will offer specialised solutions for rooftop and utility scale solar forecasting. In reflection of our company mission to make solar data and forecasting more accessible, Version 1.0 of the API services will have a free trial for most products. Existing API endpoints will be deprecated in the future in favor of our site and grid-based API. Deprecation notifications will be sent out separately along with guides for how to migrate your systems. A timeline for the deprecation is still being worked out, and we will be in touch once we have a definitive timeline. Be assured that the timeline will be in months, not days or weeks.

Once you Register, after verifying your email address, you will receive an API key. There are three options for using your key:

  1. Use the api_key query string parameter with the query string in your API call. Eg, &api_key=YOUR_KEY in the URL.
  2. Basic authentication, using the API key as the username with an empty password
  3. Digest authentication, using the API key as the username with empty password

For analysts and researchers wanting to inspect and play with the data first, we have designed our API for you to be able to easily ingest data from the Solcast API into your spreadsheet or other application. You can use the format query string in your request URL to directly request your preferred file format (e.g. ...&api_key=YOUR_KEY&format=csv). We currently support JSON, XML, JSV and CSV formats. Before you automate this in your analysis application, if you are logged in to the Solcast API in a web browser session, you can inspect the data by calling the API directly from your web browser. Eg,

For developers, beyond this documentation and the FAQ, we will be progressively adding libraries for using the Solcast API from a range of common platforms.

By using the API and using the data you obtain, you agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions.

Please also refer to our FAQ, and if you have any other questions please Contact us.

Contact us

Please direct enquiries to James Luffman
or Nick Engerer

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