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The Solcast API is a powerful tool that provides developers with programmatic access to real-time and historical weather data from Solcast.


Our REST API allows a wide variety of languages and tools to import data with their native HTTP client. This is the most widely used and flexible method for developers to integrate with.

Our API documentation includes code examples in over a dozen popular programming languages and a Postman collection to get started easily.


Python SDK and PyPi Package

We maintain and publish a solcast Python Package that can be installed through pip. This provides fast and easy access to use Solcast data directly with your favorite data analysis tools, including Pandas and Numpy.

Get it now with:

pip install solcast


Julia SDK and Solcast.jl

The Julia SDK is an open source tool to help data scientists import Solcast's data in one easy step. It enables users to pull irradiance and power as a DataFrame directly into their workspace without having to download or manage exported files.

Simply add the package with:

add Solcast