Data and API changelog

Notable changes to Solcast data, algorithms, and API access.
Date Description Change to Impact
2023-09-28 Historic Time Series (Toolkit download) Data The Historic Time Series csv files downloaded from Toolkit are now in the same format as those obtained from the Historic Time Series API endpoint.
2023-08-28 PvSyst SnowDepth Parameter API Added the SnowDepth parameter to TMY data downloads in the pvsyst+csv format|
2023-08-07 Bifacial PV Module snow modelling Data Improved Power estimates for bifacial Advanced PV Power systems during snow events.
2023-07-19 TMY P50 update Data Specialty /tmy_hourly endpoint, and Legacy TMY p50 toolkit access, now uses latest version of radiation algorithms and recent years, updated from a static snapshot dataset.
2023-07-05 Forecast DNI Data Improved bias for forecast DNI and power.
2023-06-29 Terrain Shading Data, API Providing URL parameter terrain_shading=True to API requests will apply terrain shading. See
2023-06-21 Cloud detection over snow improvement Data Improved accuracy during snow events in Historic data
2023-06-05 Dawn/dusk cloud detection update Data Improved accuracy for Live actuals near dawn/dusk, and for short-range forecasts issued around dawn/dusk.
2023-05-20 New TMY API endpoint API Probablistic and 15min and up TMY data now available via API calls. Previously this was only available via manually using the Solcast API Toolkit. See
2023-05-10 Historic Ecplises Data Historic data now includes effects of Eclipses (note that this was already the case for Live and Forecast data).
2023-05-02 Unmetered Locations added for all products API Unmetered locations for testing and integration available for all products
2023-04-19 New Snow parameters Data, API New parameters avaliable: snow_water_equivalent, snow_depth. See
2023-03-21 Cloud calibration update Data Improved accuracy for Live and Forecast Data, and post-2020 Historic data. We have updated our calibrations as the current generation of satellites have now been operating for several years, so more accurate calibrations are possible.
2023-01-09 Snow soiling update Data Minor improvements to snow soiling calculations.
2022-12-15 Radiation model update Data Improved bias and error for radiation and power data. See