Suncast: Build Vs Buy, Why DNV acquired Solcast, and what it means for Solar

03 November 2023

This week Solcast's CEO James Luffman, and our friend and colleague Dana Olson, from DNV, were interviewed on Suncast by Nico Johnson.

Their discussion covered the thought process that led James to building Solcast, how access to solar data can empower the solar industry to make decisions faster, and some behind the scenes of how Solcast fits into the DNV vision.

Here's just a snippet from what James had to say:

When I started to dig into it, the early days of the solar industry, there was not much work going into the real time tracking and forecasting of clouds from satellite. The business person in me could see the data opportunity. Because you could see that the solar industry was set to explode and take off. For me, that was a really interesting problem in terms of what the technology could do, but also in terms of what the industry really needed. And that's where I love to work, right between the technology and where the industry is going.

Hear James and Dana's discussion with Nico here:

If you want to connect and hear more from James and Dana, you can follow them here.

Harry Woods

Harry Woods


Harry is our Head of Marketing, and works with our customers and industry partners to discover and share the new and innovative applications of Solcast data that are being built every day inside the Solar Industry. He holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts and has experience in Go-To-Market working with complex enterprise grade technology solutions ranging from Ethical AI to Telecommunications.