Bankable, accurate, solar resource assessment data

Bankable, accurate, solar resource assessment data

Solcast offers the lowest uncertainty TMY data available

Solcast is independently validated as the lowest uncertainty solar resource dataset ever. Improve your yield model and to project close faster with the industry-leading TMY data.

Solcast delivers operational solar irradiance data around the world

Our forecasting data are utilised by more than 24,000+ unique users. We also feature a global network of high-profile partnerships to deliver 24/7 support and bespoke contracts

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Globally validated, take a look for yourself

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We build TMY files using our world class satellites to solar irradiance models, including tracking the impact of aerosols and detailed cloud modelling algorithms

We built an entirely new approach to solar irradiance modelling using the latest in high-resolution weather satellites, machine learning, computer vision and big data. The resulting level of detail flows into our TMY data product, fully capturing the impacts of interannual variability at high-resolution. Solcast TMY data features:

  • Lowest uncertainty available, zero bias
  • Global coverage (all six major continents)
  • Independent validation
  • Highest-resolution data (1-2km)
  • Utilises historical solar irradiance & weather data from 2007 to present
  • Ignores older, unreliable satellite data
  • PV modelling software integration (PVSyst, SAM, TMY3, CSV)
  • Exactly 8760 rows of data (hourly periods of a ‘typical’ year)
  • Solar parameters include GHI, DNI, DHI
  • All weather parameters (Temp, Wind, Humidity, Snow, etc)
  • Includes aerosol impacts (tracking of smoke, dust, haze)
  • Customised TMY files available on demand
  • Flexible pricing, no forced subscriptions
  • Volume discounts for heavy users


  • Our TMY files are built on the lowest uncertainty solar irradiance data on the market, and have been independently validated at surface measurements sites, globally [1]
  • Solcasts’ solar irradiance data are used by more than 30 enterprise clients globally, including Meteocontrol, First Solar and RINA
  • TMY data is available for one-off purchase with no subscription required, and we offer tiered subscriptions to enable those with large data requirements to save
  • Solcast TMY downloads directly integrated with a growing list of PV modelling tools, including PVSyst, SAM, HomerPro and any other software that accepts TMY3 files
  • Our TMY files are built on the least biased, least uncertain solar irradiance data available - see how we stack up with SolarGIS, Vaisala, Meteonorm and more on our Competitor Comparisons page
  • You can instantly try out our TMY data with our API Toolkit, where we’ll provide you with free historical data credit to get started
  • We are continually updating our methodology documentation, including inputs and algorithms, such as how we track the impact of aerosols like dust, smoke and haze


[1] Independent validation study #1

Solcast API Toolkit

See how the Solcast dataset compares

Competitor Comparisons Inputs and Methods

We’re happy to stand behind our data and compare directly with competitors because we believe a truly bankable database needs to be as transparent as possible. To assist in your evaluation and testing of the Solcast dataset, we offer free historical data credits upon sign-up to our API Toolkit. If you need access to several sites for evaluation, we would be happy to work with you to support internal validation.