Grid Aggregation Grid Aggregations

Thousands of PV systems grouped by market regions or grid assets. Forecasts and estimated actuals updated every 10 to 15 minutes.

Solar visibility for markets and networks

Improve load forecasting, manage your network, or beat the market. Solcast Grid Aggregations pair up our global cloud nowcasting systems with PV installation mapping to provide forecast, historical and real-time estimates of total distributed solar power output. Useful for solar assets of all sizes, including behind-the-meter PV. Sign-up to our API and view live samples of one of the 750+ aggregations running live globally. Contact us to create your own.


Group PV forecasts according to your area of interest

Customised aggregate power outputs forecasts from solar PV systems of all sizes. Group them by market or geographic region. For added detail, group according to network assets (e.g. substation). Privately share basic PV installation data to quickly setup a demonstration.

Our customers use Grid Aggregations to:

  • Train and improve load forecasting models to include the impacts of behind-the-meter solar generation

  • Manage low voltage network demand forecasting, including planning for periods of minimum demand

  • Validate and tune models based on upscaling techniques or other surface data measurements

  • Manage spinning reserve or backup power supplies in tight demand situations or for remote grid applications

  • Dynamically control virtual power plants, including for the orchestration of low voltage network support services

  • Avoid the complexities of building in-house solutions, or to benchmark or improve existing in-house solutions

Features and benefits

  • Live power forecast and estimated actuals data
  • Probabilistic forecasting which includes 10th & 90th percentiles
  • Aggregations can be provided top-down (via known pooled installations), or bottom-up (via live composition of tens to thousands of sites)
  • Aggregations can be for any combination of sites, regions or network assets
  • Privacy agreement for your shared data, including the ability to permanently delete


Data specifications


  • PV Power (MW)
  • PV Power Performance (% of installed capacity)

Forecast probabilities

10th and 90th percentile forecasts provided for: PV Power (MW) PV Power Performance (%)

Spatial coverage

All continents (Rapid update actuals and forecast data) Global (forecasts)

Time granularity

5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes (period mean)

Update frequency

Every 10 or 15 minutes

Time span (Forecast)

Present time to +7 days ahead

Time span (Realtime)

7 days ago to present time

Time span (Recent)

4 months ago to 2 days ago

Time span (Historical)

15 years ago to 2 days ago

Power modelling - Configuration options

Minimum metadata you need to provide

Region definition (political region names, or shapefile) Installed total PV capacity OR List of each PV site location and capacity

Choose an existing Grid Aggregation to evaluate, or contact us to create your own!

We offer over 750 Grid Aggregations worldwide, all powered by our rapid update solar forecasting system. As a first step, you can sign-up for our API and select a few for evaluation to get started quickly.

You can also Contact usnstration (via the chat bubble at bottom right) and trial your own Grid Aggregation by privately sharing very basic PV installation metadata. Get in touch with us for a sample upload file format, and to discuss your use case in more detail.

Once your aggregation goes live in our system (usually within 2-3 days), we’ll provide you with unique forecasting and estimated actuals API endpoints for your evaluation.