Grid Aggregation Grid Aggregations: Behind the meter solar or large numbers of Utility Scale sites

Thousands of PV systems grouped by market regions or grid assets. Live and forecast data updated every 5 to 15 minutes with built-in accuracy tracking.

Solar visibility for markets and networks

Grid Aggregations Improve load forecasting, manage your network, or beat the market. Solcast Grid Aggregations pair up our rapid update, global cloud nowcasting system with your PV installation data to provide live, forecast and historical estimates of total distributed solar power output.

Useful for solar assets of all sizes, including behind-the-meter PV, Grid Aggregations are organised by your areas of interest. Choose postcode/zipcodes, market regions or network assets (e.g. zone substation), and we’ll create a unique API endpoint for each.

Register for a free commercial user account on our API Toolkit and view live samples of one of the 1000+ aggregations we have running live globally. From the API Toolkit, you’ll be able to work with Solcast to quickly create your own under a free trial.

The API Toolkit is our user-friendly way of exploring our data, where you can watch you Grid Aggregation forecasts change in with each Rapid Update and review the API requests available for downloading the data.

Data Specifications

Once you’ve created your free API Toolkit account and first Utility Scale site, you’ll be able to download our data for testing and review our detailed API documentation. Once you’ve created your API Toolkit account, you’ll be able to download our data for testing and review our detailed API Documentation.

Grid Aggregations
Locations Defined by user
Base price Contact Us
Pricing model Enterprise Only
We'll provide you a quote within 7 days
Parameters Live & Forecast:
  • PV Power (MW)
  • PV Power Performance (% of installed capacity)
  • UTC timestamp (period end, period start)
Forecast Only:
  • PV Power (PvEstimate10, PvEstimate90) - 10th percentile and 90th percentile
Time Resolution 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes
Update Frequency Every 5-15 minutes (Rapid Update)
Timespan Live:
7 days ago to present time
Present time to +7 days ahead
Coverage All continents (except Antarctica)
File Format CSV JSON XML

Installed Solar Metadata Requirements

Setting up your Grid Aggregation is very straightforward. Once you’ve created your API Toolkit account, locate the Grid Aggregations section of the landing page and click “Request to trial a new Grid Aggregation”.

Grid Aggregations

You’ll need to provide us:

  • A region definition (geographic area, postcodes/zipcodes, or a specific shapefile) AND the total Installed PV capacity, OR
  • An itemised list of each PV site location and its capacity

Access to Solcast’s Grid Aggregations data is just a few clicks away

It’s our aim to make access to high quality solar power forecasting easy and straightforward. With our API Toolkit, you are only a few clicks away from creating your own free account. Once registered, contact us to set-up your own Grid Aggregation, so you’ll be able to watch your live and forecast graphs change in real-time and check our recent forecast accuracy. The API Toolkit makes it easy to learn about how to retrieve the data you need from our APIs.

Grid Aggregations

Choose an existing Grid Aggregation to evaluate, or contact us to create your own!

If you’d like to see a real, live Grid Aggregation in action, you can create an account or login to the Solcast API Toolkit - if you register as a commercial user when creating your account, you’ll be able to view a live demo Grid Aggregation.

If you do wish to trial your own Grid Aggregation, you’ll need to send us some very basic georeferenced PV installation metadata. Get in touch with us for a sample upload file format, and to discuss your use case in more detail.