Global coverage

Solcast handles very high volumes of data globally, to make sure we have the data ready when you need it

The solar data you need, anywhere

Solcast can forecast solar data for any location on Earth. Using five weather satellites and a growing suite of numerical weather models, Solcast generates over 600 million actual and forecast data points every hour.

For the majority of locations, Solcast Live and Forecast data is updated every 10 to 15 minutes at a resolution of 1 to 2 km.

If your project lies outside a rapid forecast update area, such as an island or in parts of the Northern Hemisphere or Antarctica, contact us about adding new satellite coverage.


One API, wherever you go

You can expect Solcast data to look and behave the same way, regardless of where you are. Use the same solar data service in your home market and your projects overseas – Solcast can handle different input data sources across different regions. Solcast data quality and customer experience are similar whether your projects are in Japan and Jamaica, or India and Indonesia.

Solcast has you covered, no matter where your solar mission takes you!

Get instant access to comprehensive forecasting tools with little hassle and no upfront costs by trialling Solcast’s global coverage, rapidly updating forecasts or estimated actuals via the API.