Upgraded Solcast API contains 30+ parameters, including GTI

Solcast day-ahead irradiance and power forecasts are now improved by 15% to 35%

22 March 2022

This is how it looks when you cram all of the Solcast API's new data parameters into one picture!


Whilst the new 5/10/15/30/60 minute data with highly realistic variability is super cool to me, actually the new data parameters are the feature most requested by our 22,000+ users. Especially GTI!

Reminder: the upgraded API is not yet available from the Solcast website and toolkit, but keen solar users can access it now. To access the new features, just reach out to us directly at sales@solcast.com.au and we can get you set up right away.

James Luffman

James Luffman

Solcast CEO • Author

James is a former operational meteorologist, and has worked as a senior manager in the weather industry. James has designed, built and operated real-time modelling systems for industrial applications, bringing key expertise to the deployment of our operational products and services.

James sees the integration of increasing solar and storage as a singularly critical technology challenge of the next 10 years.