Grid Aggregations

Live and Forecast

Thousands of PV systems, one forecast

Estimating the aggregate power for hundreds of thousands of PV sites to improve load forecasting, manage your VPP, or beat the market

Grid Aggregations

Tracking the world's clouds in the finest detail

Designed for Solar, from the ground up. Never rely on generic weather model data again. Solcast's real time and forecast data tracks and forecasts real clouds at a resolution of 1-2km and 5 minutes. Our irradiance data and PV power data is updated every 5 to 15 minutes, downscaled to 90 metre resolution. Aerosol and albedo effects are explicitly treated.


Simplify your approach with powerful customisations unique to your network

Grid Aggregations are dynamic and tailored specifically to your requirements. We model the power output from all solar PV systems in a given market, geographic or network region, creating real-time and forecast power data for each.


Achieve visibility over your network with a hardware-free solution

Actionable insights delivered with updates up to every 5 minutes, delivered in real-time. We include probabilistic forecasting outputs, to enable your team to achieve BtM visibility and model network risk.


Improve load forecasting, reduce network risk and enable modern solutions

Build gross demand profile which capture the impacts of cloud cover on behind-the-meter solar. Identify periods of minimum demand or reverse power flows, with confidence. Transform DER from unknown to predictable and improve your load model absolute error by 5-10%.

Grid Aggregation Data Specifications

Geographic coverage

Global, except for ocean and polar regions.

Temporal coverage

Historic data: January 2007 to 7 days ago Operational data: -7 days ago to + 7 days ahead

Temporal resolution

5, 10, 15, 30 & 60 minutes (period-mean values)

Spatial resolution

90 metres (irradiance, PV power, snow soiling, cloud parameters, and other parameters across all regions)

Data parameters

  • PV Power (MW) (10th, 50th, & 90th percentile)
  • PV Power (%) (10th, 50th, & 90th percentile)

Data Access

Via the Solcast API & Solcast Web Toolkit

File Formats

JSON and CSV (CSV not recommended for automation)