Software integration

Using Solcast data in PVsyst, SAM, HomerPro, and other applications

All Solcast data comes ready to import into your preferred PV software. We directly support PVsyst, SAM, and HomerPro; and we also provide a generic Solcast CSV format that can be read by (or easily adapted to) any third party software platform.

No matter how good PV simulation software is, the use of validated, bankable data is key to producing reliable, accurate energy system simulations. Relying on software to generate synthetic data increases the uncertainty of energy models.

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How to use Solcast data

Here’s the best Solcast-provided format to use for key 3rd party software applications. If your application isn’t listed here, don’t worry: you will still be able to adapt our Solcast standard CSV format and import it. Let us know how you go, we’d love to hear!

  PVsyst SAM HomerPro
Compatibility with Solcast data
Best Solcast-provided format to use PVsyst SAM Solcast

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