Asia Utility Week - Solar Irradiance Data Nowcasting Technology

09 September 2019

Pitching Our Solar Radiation and Power Forecasting Technology

Solcast recently presented two high profile talks at the Asia Utility Week event in Kuala Lumpur. It was an excellent and well-organised show, which joined the 'Distributech' and 'PowerGen' conferences for the first time. Featuring 100s of exhibiters and many thousands of attendees, it was a smashing success, and a great opportunity for Solcast to update Asia on the latest developments in our solar data products.

Solar Power Forecasting for Electricity Grids

The first talk presented at the event was entitled: 'Grid Intelligent Solar: How Solar Forecasting Helps Stabilise Electricity Grids'. In this presentation, our CTO outlined three categories, including examples of our forecasting technology in action, that demonstrate why this is true. They were:

  1. Energy Markets
  2. Utility Scale Solar Farms
  3. Distribution Networks

Solcast's 'Pitch' at Initiate!

Our second presentation was a part of the Initiate! platform, which is a program dedicated to highlighting the achievements of innovative companies. In this case, our 'pitch', was limited to 5-minutes, and was part of a broader competition that encompassed nearly 100 companies across the Asia region.

During the event, we captured this 5-minute pitch, so that our audience could hear, in condensed form, the latest developments at Solcast! You can watch the pitch in the short video embedded below: