Solcast TMY data integrated with PVsyst v7.2

21 April 2021

We're excited to announce a new collaboration between the team at Solcast and one of the most widely used solar project planning and development software programs - PVsyst.

From v7.2 it is now possible for users of PVsyst to directly pull TMY P50 scenarios from the Solcast API.

This new capability leverages our recently announced synchronous historical data API, which has been developed with such integrations in mind.

Accessing TMY data in PVsyst

The Solcast data can be accessed as meteo data source from with PVsyst. This is a direct integration and no external data files need to be uploaded.


Upon selection of the Solcast TMY meteo data option, a registration window will appear (pictured below).

For existing Solcast users, please provide your Solcast API Toolkit email address and API Key (find yours here).

For PVsyst users who would like to create a new free API Toolkit account with Solcast, simply enter your email address and you will be provided an API Key directly within the software.


All API Toolkit accounts have free requests

All API Toolkit users, including those who directly register from within PVsyst will be given access to our Free tier accounts - providing access to data for evaluation purposes.

Paid options are available to provide you ongoing access, available through API integrated with PVsyst. Checkout the pricing page for more information.

Bankable dataset designed for solar now in PVsyst

This direct integration with PVsyst v7.2 is a milestone for the solar industry, as it provides several key benefits:

  • Bankable data, wherever you need it, when you need it.
  • Simplify your data acquisition process
  • No lock-in contracts, economical pricing
  • Global coverage
  • High-resolution solar dataset including: - 1km2 satellite imagery - three dimensional cloud modelling - aerosol tracking

If you're looking to learn more about Solcast, you can:

Solcast Team

Solcast Team


The Solcast team includes meteorologists, modelers, data scientists, engineers and experts in the Solar and PV industry.

We work together to develop the data and tools needed to plan, construct, operate and manage solar power systems needed to build the solar-powered future.

Solcast is a DNV company, and the team is supported by the broader team of DNV energy industry and assurance experts around the world.